That Mindfulness Balance…

Questions come up in my practice about how to cultivate greater awareness and enjoy improved life satisfaction.  I need to consider how what I  share will be received.  Which techniques will be considered reasonable?  I want to be thought of as a responsible therapist. I often share from my own experiences, and I know that I have learned a lot from being open and listening to other people. And I do know some special people.

One, a deeply spiritual and gifted healer, finds it impossible to eat in public places, like salad bars with all those open, shared food containers.  Her remarkable sensitivities open her to sensing auras; seeing all the bits of light and energies of the other diners—but she also sees their illnesses.  I believe her, and so I know I don’t want that level of intuition.  And I also know that often these special gifts are not perceived as reasonable or responsible. What is not understood is often held suspicious.

I do have other sensitivities, however, that serve me well. Often a theme will enter my awareness.  I’ll begin to sense repeated phrases or statements coming at me through different and unrelated sources.  The themes might relate to my health, spiritual growth, emotional release or simply daily activities.  A recent example: “Go with the Flow.” Said only once, I just lightly respond, “Oh sure, I wish I could just flow away from____”(insert current problem here).  But when that particular phrase keeps showing up—a friend, health provider, movie, a quote on my facebook pages–certainly, Spirit, Life Force, Creator God is all but yelling at me now “This is for you, my precious child! Pay attention.”

So, I start validating my awareness. I will also share it on facebook. I will write about what comes to mind, have a deep cup of tea and consider how the words fit into the context of my life. Sometimes I pick up my art materials, opening to choices of color and shape. I may take a walk alone or go to another person and share the images and perceptions that bubble up. Sometimes this feels very brave.

If you are familiar with Mindfulness then you are saying, “YES! Of course, Beth! You will be even more responsible for taking the time to do these exercises!”  But I respond with “Maybe.” Awareness building takes time, and I, like everyone else have obligations, deadlines and duties.  I can almost hear the Puritan theme of “work first; duty calls.” Is it any wonder that my mind challenges the dialectical questioning: Is it one thing OR another?

Picture a child’s teeter-totter or a balancing scale.  Both function most accurately when in motion – more for the children’s enjoyment, and less for getting close to the desired weight.  This is true for understanding Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT).  We enjoy greater well-being when balanced between our Reasonable (left brain) Mind, and our Emotional (right brain) Mind and at optimum when these two overlap in what is called Wise Mind.  It is worth considering!

So, am I “Going with the flow”?  Well, just like the scale or teeter-totter in motion, I’m not all about one side or the other,  so I can say my energy and sense of aliveness is much improved, and therefore I am experiencing a greater sense of overall well-being.  And I wish the same for you!


If you are interested in exploring the topic further, consider:

Marsha Linehan @ and The Wise Heart by Jack Kornfield

I always enjoy hearing from you!

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