Give me a break…no more Weiner talk!

I typically enjoy beginning my day with early morning talk radio.  Mixed in with news bits, weather and traffic patterns comes my first morning douse of cynicism and sarcasm mixed with questionable humor.  This past week the actions of Anthony Weiner provided the oh-too-easy target for incessant commentary.  Don’t get me wrong.  I don’t have any reason to defend the Congressman, but how many times and in how many different ways can THE story be dissected?  That was last week.  What disturbing story will dominate the airwaves this week?

Negativity comes in through many different portals, and apparently I can be quite the sponge.  A couple of years ago, to the amusement (and probably skepticism) of a few friends, I announced that I was giving up cynicism for Lent.  I don’t know if I was altogether successful in my challenge, but success takes practice! I recognize that my natural optimism leeches just a bit, like the small energy drains that flow from the electrical adapters all over my house, when I’m exposed to critical and depressing conversations. I adapt!

But I’m flexible.  It also goes that being in positive conversation and around people who have made the decision to approach life and problem solving with courage and optimism really boosts my energy and encourages me to want more of THAT!  So this weekend provided a particularly delightful object lesson and one I will pull from for quite awhile.

I was invited by a good friend to witness the closing ceremonies at a Relay for Life gathering in Altadena. I didn’t expect to be surrounded by so much warmth; positivity and cooperation all centered around one powerful focus–supporting cancer research. Encounters with hope were shared through personal stories and activities designed to encourage celebration and remembrance, hope and healing.

If you, like me, want to align your thinking with energies that contribute to well-being and create a positive charge then I encourage remembering that if we are what we eat, then we are also what we think—which could affect what you listen to and how you spend your time. There are so many wonderful organizations that bring people together with mutual interests and common goals.  There is an advocacy role for everyone.  Why not consider aligning yourself with others who share your beliefs and could use your support.  Positive thinking really does change the structure and function of the brain…what a nice way to exercise your neural pathways!

Share some positivity this week.  It might be refreshing to someone else.


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2 thoughts on “Give me a break…no more Weiner talk!

  1. Being at the Relay for Life it was overwhelming to see so many candles lit for those that beat cancer and those that lost the fight. So many times we go through a day with our “ordinary” difficulties, not realizing how many people there are on a daily basis fighting a disease that does not discriminate as to whether you are rich, poor, black, white…. It touches not only those with the disease but the ripple effect, touching those around them. I was very blessed and grateful for this life lesson. That we have a choice in life to remember that there are those out there that have life difficulties that are life and death. Seeing this made me realize that my “troubles” are self made in so many ways. Thank you for putting into words so eloquently what I could feel in my heart.

    1. Thank you, Pam, for visiting a Relay for Life site!! Your luminary for your loved one was beautiful and as I walked late into the night -prayers were with her soul in the light of the candle and your good thoughts! Your loved one is free from all of that now– so be of good cheer and invest in your own health! Blessings!

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