What are YOU listening to?

At the piano

My granddaughters plunk out tunes on their mini-piano, singing favorite songs, at times complete with costumes and props. They know what they enjoy, alternating more traditional children’s songs with Laurie Berkner and Raffi selections.  I hope they never lose this delight.

I recently asked several friends what music they were currently listening to. Apparently that’s not an easy question to answer.  Most respondents to my very informal poll were quick to list the genres they enjoyed, or even happier to outline disqualifications (“I like everything but Rap, NO Country, or…), but they squirmed and dodged a bit when pressed to tell what they were actually listening to. I didn’t think it was a trick question.

I first thought of expanding this conversation because of my friend David, who doesn’t just play music to ward off silence. He accompanies his enormous library with an equally impressive catalogue of knowledge about artists, current trends and new and emerging genres. His interest extends to sharing creative playlists with the world—literally. You can find DjFrere through Internet radio access on the live365 site. Maybe I’m impressed because he is even more eclectic in his tastes than I am.

It’s accepted science that music has a profound effect on our emotions, but I don’t think most of us need a study to confirm that listening to our favorite tunes makes us feel better.  Considering that music contributes to overall well-being, perhaps finding a new artist or trying something a little outside your usual tried and trues will move you to think about how you’ll answer the question next time you’re asked, “What are you listening to these days?”

Why Music Listening Makes Us Feel Good | Psychology Today.


2 thoughts on “What are YOU listening to?

  1. Kay Tindel

    I take some pride in continuing to find NEW music and not just to listen to my old favorites. I have a friend with whom I share new music and musicians, and she shares with me. I also find new musicians on Pandora, listening to songs that are played on some of my favorite TV shows, and those shorts on PBS — or even concerts on PBS. I found Joe Bonamassa, blues guitar player, on PBS, and I love him. Although there is only so much blues guitar playing you can listen to in one sitting (for me). I found Rain Perry from the song playing during the credits on Life Unexpected. She is folky, and funny. Maia Sharp I found from reading “O”. Yes, they are all on my Ipod. I think it is interesting that there are some people who can’t put their Ipod on shuffle because they have to know what is coming next. Ha! I like to be surprised.

    1. I like your attitude! And thanks for sharing some of the new artists you’ve found–names that are new to me! I’m game to experiment with artists I’ve heard featured in Public Radio interviews. One of my “newer” favorites is Jon Hassell. How can you resist an artist who is critically described as “idiosyncratic” with a CD titled, “Last Night the Moon Came Dropping It’s Clothes in the Street.” Irresistible!

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