Enjoy a vicarious baking adventure

I love to play the piano, write, cultivate a garden…I enjoy many levels of personal creativity. These pastimes serve as great stress reducers in my life and contribute to overall well-being.  But when I come across someone who actively pursues increasing his or her skill level, moving hobby to passion, I get excited. Darla, a military wife in Indiana, posts the most delicious step-by-beautiful step pictorial baking blog! This woman loves baking.  And she also loves sharing every detail in a playful way that encourages the imagination.

I don’t foresee a time when I will even try her recipes.  They are simply out of my baking league.  But I smile at each of her posted successes and those little celebrations contribute to my personal pleasure.  I encourage you to take a peek.  Baker or not you’ll be glad you did, and since everything looks delicious, maybe you can try a recipe or two, or find someone in your life that will! Bakingdom — Inspiring whimsical sweets & savory dishes.

I also encourage you to think about the people you know who have defined their passion and work to hone it. Go ahead. Cheer them on!  Celebrate their effort and hard work and you’ll feel better for it.


I always enjoy hearing from you!

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