What’s the link…or who are we?

No, not that kind of link. What connects a yoga-loving research and evaluation coordinator, a licensed professional counselor/animal advocate and a passionately vegan hospital department director? Friendship and shared lifestyle perspectives contribute to our focused compact, but included in the components of our friendship is a clear commitment to balancing the weight of our responsibilities and professional obligations with a heavy dose of intentional self-care. We are always curious about ways to recalibrate and shift behaviors to soften stress (life throws punches, you do what you can!) and instead concentrate on choices  promoting emotional and physical balance. Sharing support is a lifestyle bonus! That’s how we remain 3 Well Beings.

2 thoughts on “What’s the link…or who are we?

  1. Pamela Wheeler

    I have found and enjoy the information that you have shared in regards to our eating habits. Having family members that have died from cancer, obesity, high blood pressure and overall poor health, I find that having new ideas (at least for me) about eating healthier, letting go of old habits and developing new ones, a concept that drives me to live longer and healther so that I may have a long time to spend with my own children and potential grandchildren. Though I have found that making changes is not easy, old habits die hard and sometimes it is easier to cover my ears and pretend that reality doesn’t exist. Reality sucks! I find it amazing that in this day and age how much technology has changed our information pipeline. Thank you for your vision and sharing it with us.

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